Dinner this week – what’s your plan?

I thought I would fill everyone in on my meal plan for this week. I’m a little disjointed with yesterday being a holiday (Columbus Day). I did my grocery shopping yesterday after quickly looking at the calendar to see what this week holds for us and the kids as far as activities, nights out, etc. My 7 year old daughter is now asking for taco bar night every night, so I need to make sure we have it a night that she is home. I have told her once per week only. Hopefully I’ll hit on something else this week that will evoke the same response.

Monday – We went all out to a friend’s for dinner – actually a barbecue as the weather feels more like the fourth of July than October. I brought a salad and some cut up carrots and snow peas and dessert (brownies – I consider myself a baker and nothing beats brownies from a mix – I’m not sure what it is. Lately I have been adding chocolate chips and swirling in creamy peanut butter – yum). We threw a variety of items on the grill – hot dogs, shish kabobs, veggies and everyone took what they wanted. My kids did eat some of the carrots and snow peas – so I was pleased. Actually only two out of three as my three year old son collapsed on the couch and passed out – never to awaken for the rest of the night so no dinner for him. Oh well, we made it up today and dinner was extra peaceful as he is the rowdiest of the bunch:-).

Tuesday: Chicken fingers (from the freezer that I froze from last weeks chicken cutlets), rice pilaf with peas. 7 year old is going to dinner with her grandmother so she is out. 5 year old daughter has soccer from 6 – 7 pm and 3 year old will have to tag along as I have a work reception. The younger ones will eat their dinner at 5 pre-soccer, and my husband and I will eat when I get home. Tonight we unfortunately will not be able to eat together but I am going to throw a frozen pasta sauce with turkey meatballs that I made a few weeks ago on some spaghetti and call it a night.

Wed: Make your own pizza night. I bought some whole wheat pizza dough from the market yesterday and we will make our own. I’ll set out whatever I have in the fridge – turkey sausage, pepperoni, some leftover poached chicken, cheeses, veggies, etc.

Thursday: BBQ chicken, spaghetti with peanut sauce (if your kids are picky like mine, definitely try this – my kids love it), roasted broccoli

Friday: Taco Bar (have to appease older daughter).

What are you having this week? I loved someone’s post about having a leftover’s buffet night at the end of the week – great idea!

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