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Spinach Brownies? Yes, it’s true

Monday was a holiday (Columbus Day) and my husband was home from work. He took the kids out swimming (thank you global warming) and I flipped on the TV as I folded laundry. It was my lucky day as Oprah was on (and not some telethon as usually seems to be the case on school holidays) and Jessica Seinfeld was on talking about her new book – “Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food.” Right up my alley with the mini-picky eaters who live in my house. The premise is putting vegetable purees into your kids’ favorite foods – ie, mac and cheese, tacos, chicken nuggets, pancakes, even brownies.

Oprah was loving Jessica and her book and had the most beautiful set, with a huge spread of foods prepared from the recipes. I had to get by a few things before I embraced this book (which I have just ordered, by the way – I was won over). Number one – Jessica Seinfeld is adorable and has a fabulous life in New York City. And she is married to one of the most hilarious people ever. And number two (or is this number three?) – shouldn’t I be able to have my kids want to eat vegetables without taking the extra step to mask them in food? Of course the answer to that is that I am coming up short on the veggie front. My children generally recoil from some veggies as if there was a spider on their plate. Plus, a very important concept in “Deceptively Delicious” is putting actual vegetables on your kids’ plates with each meal so they become accustomed to trying the vegetable and eventually eating and liking it!!

Some recipes I am looking forward to trying are the chicken nuggets – dredged in a vegetable puree of your choice and then breaded with ground flax seed mixed into the coating. These were Oprah’s favorites – she couldn’t stop eating them. Another I am intrigued by is butternut squash puree mixed into mac and cheese. The craziest one that was another fave of Oprah’s? Spinach puree in brownies  – they did look awesome.

This has been a trick that moms have been doing for years – and can’t we all benefit from more veggies? I think the key is continuing to consistently offer real veggies to your children. Also, making the purees a few times per month and freezing would be the only way to go, so you could pull out what you need as you are preparing dinner. Jessica says she and Jerry kick back and puree on Sunday nights. Sounds like a Seinfeld episode. Do you have any tricks for hiding veggies?

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