Sweet Jane’s Leftover Fashion

It’s that time of year again! Find a cobbler of your choice (shoe not fruit) and dig through your closet for those leftover dusty boots and shoes. Savor the possibilities!

Boot styles are so varied this year that I am willing to make a bet that you can find leftover boots from last year and maybe 10 years back (if you hoard shoes like me) that can be refurbished for this season. Accept the challenge! It can be really rewarding and cheaper than a new pair of shoes.

Round, pointy, square toes,thick heel, thin heel,wedge- it all can work.

Drag them to your shoe joint of choice and get them re-heeled,re-soled,conditioned ,etc…

I have paid $40 to bring an old pair of boots to life.They’re already broken in and its kinda like running around with an old friend who just got Botox.

Share your shoe recipes with us..

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