What if you’re not as organized as Plan B mom when it comes to meal planning???

Maybe you’re more like me-the last minute lady. I can’t even get my head around the idea of making a weekly menu on Sundays for the entire week. First of all, I’m not that together, as we all know, but secondly, what if I don’t want Thursday’s meal when Thursday comes? What if I work late one night and when I get home I don’t have the time to make one of the meals?

I am much more of a spontaneous cook-not that I am any role model-but somehow, my kids get a really good meal every night of the week. I don’t cook every single meal necessarily-we do love pizza night and my daughter could eat Chinese 8 days a week, but most of the meals are a result of me looking in the fridge and saying, “hmmmm, what do we have and how can I throw it together?” Some nights the answer back to me is just static noise,but most of the time, I come up with something.

So if you are like me, there will be a few things you will like about this site coming up. I spoke with Rach and we came up with these ideas for busy cooks(please tell me your feedback):

a tool that lets you say:

  • I have these three things, what can I do with them?
  • I have these leftovers, what can I make?
  • what are good meals for occasions, like date night?
  • what if I want to pick my own 5 meals for the week and merge it together into a personalized planner?

and then some other things we could answer here like:

  • what items do I absolutely have to pick up at the store every week even if I don’t know what I am making that week?

Rachael also has this brilliant idea of “Rollover meals” and here was one I did by accident:

Yesterday, I had the inspiration to buy a chicken. After the kids went to bed, I threw it in a pot with some carrots, celery, a bay leaf, an onion and a can of tomato paste. I let it simmer for three hours and when it was done (at like 11), I removed all of the chicken, let it cool, then I strained the broth into three containers. I picked the chicken off the bones and removed the skin. Then I added some chicken back to two of the containers of broth and kept one container clear. I took the rest of the chicken and put it in a container. So for about $10, I now have, one frozen container of chicken stock, two frozen containers of chicken soup, and beautifully poached chicken ready to turn into chicken salad or a chicken pasta toss. This is the kind of organization I can handle, but for me, three meals is the extent of it.

I don’t know if you guys have been introduced to Rachael’s “Rollover Meals” idea but that’s the gist-you make one main meal and then have two follow ups. We have some on our site-see Turkey Bolognese and Roast Pork Loin but the cool thing is-she is coming up with more and more of these. In fact, in her new book-yes I have a copy already (perk of the job)-she has some of these. I am going to see if I can post one or two of them so you guys can get a sneak peek at the book. It’s one of my favorites and I will write more about it in another post or an article.

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