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You’ve been booed!

A couple of my friends have recently shared a fun Halloween activity to do with your kids and treat your neighbors. What you do is make up a little treat bag with a Halloween theme (ie, stickers, trinkets, candy and for adults a bottle of wine (if you want – feel free to skip this part), chocolate pretzels, or fresh baked cookies) and leave a copy of this poem in the bag with a cut-out picture of a hand-made ghost with the words “BOO” written on it. The recipient then does it for 2 neighbors and so-on.

I have never heard of this in my life yet have heard about it from a number of people this year – it is also referred to at “ghosting” someone. I even saw it in action at my son’s preschool – so it is not restricted to neighbors – you could do it at work, drive around to your children’s friends’ houses, etc.

Unfortunately no one has “booed” my house yet – at least not in this capacity! It sounds like fun.

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