Are you a pear shape gal? Tips for you!

Its funny how people use food to describe their bodies.

Rachael is a pear. I am an ice cream cone. Some gals have apple bums. Some sport muffin tops.

If you are proportioned like RR, I have a tip for you.

The wrap dress is a great solution. Ann Taylor Loft does a super soft grey or brown wrap dress that looks very similar to a dress that Rachael wore from Diane Von Furstenburg. Check out$79

I got it in both colors for Rachael and she found it super comfy. It shows off her waist and doesn’t cling too much.

Find yourself a great boot at

I like the bouquets Bess for $79.95! Its stretch so it can fit most calves.

Designer looks for less! How much do we love that ladies?

What shape are you?  Let me know and I can help you find your perfect fit!

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