Tips from the community-November 2007

Know how to chop onions and not shed a tear?  How to freeze herbs? 

Meanwhile, read what others who have been visiting the site have to say:

“Got leftover pumpkin pie? Take the filling out of the crust and freeze it.   I use it for pumpkin milkshakes, pancakes or cookies throughout the year — and it’s already got the spices for you!!  Just throw in and go”


“If you have trouble cutting a squash for baking, put it in the microwave on high for 1 minute and then cut.  If still hard to cut, microwave at 30 second increments.  It’s really easy to cut!”

– Jane

from Minnesota

“Tip for thickening stews, gravies, and almost anything:

I just start with a half teaspoon or so of instant mashed potato flakes. I did this once when I was out of cornstarch and it worked so well I use it a lot. It is so much more “user-friendly” than that old cornstarch. No lumps if you have to reheat etc.  Just the cheapest form of flakes work. You can even buy one of those little bags which are usually very cheap.”


“Since my husband loves applesauce and has it everyday, as soon as the last container is pulled from the freezer, I run to our local orchard and purchase utility Macs  (they don’t have to be pretty and buying utility apples save money).  The food tip is: after the apples have cooked down but still hot, I add cinnamon, a little red sugar sprinkles for color and 6 or 7 red hots (the kind you decorate cookies with)  It adds that touch of flavor/color that people will say “hmmmm, what’s in that?”    Something along the line that you have said when you add fresh nutmeg.

Love your program and a fan of your books”


 “For “Fresh” Ginger, FREEZE IT!  Ginger root is cheap, and it’s great in many recipes. When you need it, pull it out of the freezer, use your cheese greater to grate as much as you need, and then put the ginger root back in the freezer!  It also makes grating ginger very easy and non messy when it’s frozen!”


I purchase a big bag of lemons from Costco and juice them all at once.  I then pour the juice into a mustard/ketchup squirt bottle and place in the refridgerator.  Whenever a recipe calls for lemon juice, I just pull it out of the fridge and it is ready to use.”

-Andrea from California

I find as a single mum that buying a load of potatoes at once is cheap, so when I am cooking a roast dinner, I par boil lots of potatoes for 10 mins, use the ones I need to roast then let the others cool down then pop them in a freezer bag. Then, hey presto,the next week, you dont have to be wasting time peeling potatoes… just get them out of the freezer and pop them in the oven for an hour. Perfect roast potatoes!”

Abby from England

When not using a whole can of tomato paste, measure a tablespoon of paste into each empty ice cube tray slot and freeze.  Once frozen, pop out paste cubes and throw into plastic food storage bags and keep in the freezer until ready to use.”

Sue from Boston, MA

“If you are using bay leaves or something else that you need to get out before you blend a large batch of soup, put the leaf in a metal tea strainer and then pull it out when ready.  This way your hands don’t get burned and you don’t have to worry about how to find it!”

-Jenny from Sweden

“I have a neat tip for you when you are chopping onions.  I found that if you stick the onions in the freezer for at least 15 minutes before you chop them, it will prevent the burning and crying!”

-Colin from New York

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