New Kitchen Road Map-Yum-o!

Just want to make sure everyone saw that we’ve updated the Yum-o! Kitchen Road Map. You can see all of them by going here.

The most recent one we just published is for Fall, but really you can use any of them any time of the year. Just print them out and hang them on your fridge or pass them around at your child’s school or social gathering. They are meant to give you a little information on how to keep healthy: a recipe, some tips from Bill Clinton’s Alliance for a Healthier Generation and more. So download your copy today!

Other ways to get you and your family moving this time of year:

  • Rake leaves! It’s fun and everyone can help. Then when you have a big pile, you can take turns jumping in it and making a mess of leaves to clean up all over again! It may sound silly, but it’s great exercise and you have alot of fun while you’re at it!
  • Walk to school! Before it gets too cold, you can take advantage of this crisp weather and pick one day a week to walk to school or ride your bike. It will make your day start off a whole lot better!
  • Take an after dinner walk. It’s dark at like 4:30 where I live, but if you are together and holding hands with your GH (Grown-Up Helper), it’s fun and envigorating to take a walk after dinner. And if you have a pooch, he/she will love the company. Bring along fun flashlights if you want to make it extra bright!

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