The Halloween Parade 2007

Ok so Halloween has come and gone…and this year I really tried to get out and enjoy myself more than ever. I had a mini Halloween party, because my boyfriend’s sister, Betsy, was in town, then we headed to the Halloween Parade – in my humble opinion one of New York’s finest holiday parades. I dressed as a Socialist Revolutionary, complete with 9 o’clock shadow…here’s how I accomplished it…easy as pie!

Betsy happened to have had her hair cut while she was in town, 15 inches – all of which she donated to locks of love. Before we sent it out to them, I trimmed off some hair and cut it up into tiny pieces, and spread it out on small plate.

I made a mixture of Elmer’s Glue (totally non-toxic) and water, and used a tiny paintbrush to cover everywhere I wanted hair. Then using my finger, I pressed the tiny hairs into the sticky parts of my face. This variety of facial hair usually self-destructs a few hours in to your event, but it is easy to run to the bathroom and rinse it off. Spirit gum, the stuff people usually use to stick on facial hair, works great, but when it is time to take it off you need some heavy-duty solvents. Not ideal for kids, those with more sensitive skins, or those women hoping to get a kiss before the end of the party … Anyway, here is a picture of us, Stephen was dressed as an Exterminator, exterminated with terrifying irony by the critters he made a career of killing, and Betsy came as the night sky complete with all of the major constellations on her dress, and a pouch full of home-made horoscopes.

The Exterminator, The Night Sky & The Revolutionary

The parade was amazing – tons of fantastic costumes, lots of Elvis’s, a few Edward Scissorshands, A Count Chocula or two, a mob of zombies, and endless others. The floats were so amazingly creepy too. Here are some of the folks that hit the streets after the big parade:

Halloween Characters

Here are some of the things I had around the house. A little late for you guys to pull this off at home, but I figured it might be good to keep on file for next year. I know there are a few die-hard Halloween fans out there like me.

I stocked up on black crows from the party shop (on super discount now that Halloween is over). I always try to pick up the ones that are the most realistic. I put them everywhere, peering over the top of a tall piece of furniture, in bookshelves, on tables. They are really creepy as little still-lives under glass display domes, like bewitched specimens.

I also love to string fake cobwebs over mirrors. Fantastic, but sometimes a little tricky to remove – so make sure you don’t wrap too much around a really ornate frame.

I really freaked Stephen out by freezing little plastic bugs into the ice cubes, and using them chill the Halloween-y drinks – and he’s usually a big bug person. My absolute favorites are the really realistic plastic flies and water bugs…super creepy. Heck, this is great to freak ‘em out any time of the year. Maybe some flies frozen into cubes at the backyard barbeque this summer?

I also had my hands full this Halloween creating creepy craft videos for the Better Homes and website. and click on Holidays, you should see some of my videos there.

What did you guys do for Halloween? I would love to hear your spook-tacular stories!

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