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Chicken Soup and Cinnamon Toast – Memories of Colds Gone By

My kids all seem to suddenly have colds. Nothing severe, just the dripping nose, intermittent cough and morning sneezing that seems to strike most children during the months of October through May each year. We have gone from healthy summer glows (I can’t say tans as my children have inherited my pale skin that only gets more freckled and less white in the summer – we could only wish for tans) to the ghostly pallor that is the hallmark of winter.

Whether it is proven by research or it’s just because they just taste good, some foods do seem to make kids feel better when they are under the weather. I have memories of sick days when I was little and I would lie in my parents’ huge bed – my mom would serve me ginger ale and cinnamon toast – sometimes Cream of Wheat would do the trick.

I made chicken soup for dinner tonight (here are three ways to make chicken soup -traditional, Italian and Latin styles) it has been simmering on the stove all day and just the smell of it is making me feel better – and I’m not even sick. Scrambled eggs (very dry – absolutely not runny), saltines, english muffins with butter, whole fruit popsicles, lollipops – all favorites with the physically down and out in my house. Cranberry juice, orange juice, hot water with lemon and honey go down well with a cold.

I remember when my seven year old daughter was two and half she came down with pneumonia. She didn’t eat for what seemed like a week – it might have only been only two or three days but I was a nervous wreck – and then one day she asked for a bowl of Cheerios with milk. She proceeded to sit at the kitchen table in her yellow blanket sleeper and eat three bowls. I sat and watched and gave thanks for those little round o’s and that my daughter had finally turned the corner.

Whether they have a physical or emotional impact, there is no doubt that some foods do in fact heal. Do you have any foods that make your kids feel better when they’re sick, or you remember making you feel better when you were a child?

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