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Horseback riding for kids-not just for the elite!

My husband had taken my 5 year old and my three year old out for a drive Sunday morning and I decided to celebrate my time alone by washing the kitchen floor, naturally. As I was Swiffing away, I heard my email notify me that I had a new message. I looked and it was a photo of my 5 year old daughter riding a pony, sent from my husband’s phone. It was the sweetest photo but my first reaction was to panic because no one was holding her and she was riding this horse all by herself. Once I settled down and the paramedics took the ventilator mask off my face (kidding), I actually felt very proud that they had found this really cool activity not too far from home; I had no idea it existed in our neighborhood.

As it turned out, they went to a New York State public park and rode the ponies all morning for $5 each kid. There were in fact, instructors holding on to my children, but they had stepped away from the photo so my husband could get the ideal shot of my kids on the ponies without some stranger off to the side. Thoughtful of him I now say after my heart failure.

Where I grew up, horseback riding was for the rich kids who went to the stables in the country and actually owned horses and invested in horseback riding as a sport. They owned their own riding helmets and chaps and traveled the country for competitions. Never did I realize, you don’t have to be a millionaire to ride a horse, you don’t even have to make a commitment to it, you could just get up and find a stable that’ll let you take a ride for a couple of bucks.

It led me to investigate this further and I found this website called Just Click Local .

I live in New York so when I searched Horse Back Riding in the Bronx, this is the page I got. But apparently you can type in your area and get very local listings and comments from people about the establishments. Seems like a good guide site.

My three year old enjoyed it too and they haven’t stopped talking about it all week. It’s definitely a fun outdoor activity that you could still do before it gets too cold.

What do you like to do outside in the Fall?

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