Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Don’t let those leftover turkey pieces go to waste-you can always stuff them into a sandwich and we know it would be delish, but here are some other ways to get another meal or two out of those leftovers.

Thanksgiving Round Two: Meals Using Leftover Turkey:

Quick Turkey Croquettes

Turkey Pasta

Turkey Tetrazzini

Spanish Style Turkey Quesadillas

Chicken or Turkey Quesadilla Suiza

Turkey Croquettes with Mushroom-Rosemary Gravy

Turkey Empanadas

Turkey Stoup

Turkey Blue Plate Special

Turkey and Stuffin’ Soup

Turkey Posole

Turkey Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie and Cran-applesauce Sundaes

Thanksgiving Stromboli

Mashed Potato Soup

Got leftover cranberry sauce? Don’t toss it! Here are great recipes:

Sausage, Kale and Cranberry Pasta

Cranberry Sauce Over Pound Cake a la Mode

Out of gravy?  Here’s how to make more!

Sauces and Gravies

A tip from the community:

“Got leftover pumpkin pie? Take the filling out of the crust and freeze it.   I use it for pumpkin milkshakes, pancakes or cookies throughout the year — and it’s already got the spices for you!!  Just throw in and go”


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