A HomeGoods Holiday

I am working with HomeGoods on something really new and exciting for the holidays. For those of you who don’t know HomeGoods, here is the skinny – they’ve got a ton of stores nationwide, each with a ridiculous selection of furniture and accessories at cheerfully affordable prices. Whatever the project I am shopping for, whether it’s a viewer who wrote into Rachael’s show because their bedroom wasn’t sexy enough, or a couple with conflicting taste in home décor (she wasn’t too fond of dead animals all over the place), I have always been able to find something great there. So I am completely psyched to be working with them now!

Check out the screen grab below:

This holiday between cookin’, eatin’, wrappin’ and packin’, check out and see what I’ve got shakin’. I will be giving decorating, entertaining and gift giving tips to get you through the holiday season, and blogging each week about one juicy holiday topic or another. I’d love your input and support!

Happy Holidays!


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