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Wondering how your child’s day was? Try “best and worst…..”

A few years ago we started a routine at our house that was born out of frustration. Our daughter had started kindergarten and we were eager to hear about her day, what she was learning, who she was playing with, etc. When my kids started school, I did worry about them being away from me all day. Could they conduct themselves appropriately for an entire school-day without my watchful eye? Would someone help them with a tricky button or zipper after they visited the bathroom? Did they have any friends? We didn’t know because we would ask how our daughter’s day was and the reply was always “good.” This is how the conversation typically continued:

Me: “Who did you play with?”

Daughter: “My friends.”

Me: “What was for lunch?”

Daughter: “Peanut butter on wheat.”

Me: “Did you do anything fun?”

Daughter: “Yes.”

Me: “Like what?”

Daughter: “I don’t remember.”

That was the extent of the details on the day.

 This is when “best and worst” began. Each night before bed we all gather in one of the three kids’ rooms and everyone takes turns telling the family the best thing that happened to them that day and the worst. Everyone gets a turn – my husband and I included. Our son has been contributing since he could talk (barely). The kids even insist on this routine with babysitters and this nightly ritual is how a lot of our information is gleaned on school, friends, etc.

How do you get your children to tell you what’s on their mind?

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