Holiday Gift Ideas for The Whole Family!

I have spent the last few days trying to figure out what to give my various family members this holiday. Being the last minute lady, I am of course relying on the internet to get these gifts to me right away! Anyway, hopefully no one in my family will read this because I thought I’d share with you some great gift ideas I came across:



Here’s what I am thinking of giving my hubby who is a real coffee lover:

Bialetti Mukka cappie coffee maker makes cappuccinos on your stovetop. I know we would use this baby in my house! To go with it, I found these cute cappuccino coffee mugs that are glass so you can see all the coffee and foam layers.


For my daughter who is really getting into cooking this year, I’ll start with the scissors and cutting board for kids because she’s only 5, but for some of her older cousins, I’ll think about the Tadpole Jr knife for kids. It’s got a protective glove to wear on the opposite hand.

Of course every kid I know is going to get a Yum-o! t-shirt.

You can get lots of kids ideas on this page here.


My mom has had the same knives since 1972 so I figured it was time to give her an upgrade. Rach’s trio knife set is the perfect gift for her, and a portion of the proceeds goes to Share Our Strength charity. Also, with these knives you get free shipping from To go with the knives I am going to give her this awesome kitchen shears set so she doesn’t keep using regular old scissors with food!


My dad loves two things that I also love-pizza and wine! So this year and I am getting him something that I use at least a few times a week-a pizza stone. I like this one because it’s not too big. For the wine part of his gift, I am giving him this decanter which makes any dinner table suddenly elegant!


My brother and his wife like to entertain so I am getting them this blue fondue set or as we like to say, “fun”-due! Here’s a link to the fondue set and here is a classic cheese fondue recipe.


My kids’ teachers and my neighbors love Rach and love to cook so I am giving them her new book, Just in Time,or her holiday CD called How Cool is That? Christmas CD.

Another great gift for a Rach lover is a gift subscription (only $18) to her magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray.


Alright, don’t tell her but I am making a donation to Rachael’s non profit organization, Yum-o! in Rach’s honor. She’ll get a nice email from Yum-o! saying that I made the donation in her name. I can’t think of a better way to give-it’s like you give twice!


If you are wondering what to get me, you can make a donation to Yum-o! in my name too (Last Minute Lady).  But if you happen to be my husband and you are reading this or one of my friends, I am a lover of Kiehl’s products, specifically the  shampoos and body lotions.

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