Warm and Cozy Drinks

Warm up to these drinks this holiday season or any time you feel a nip in the air!  Note-most of these have alcohol and are not intended for children!

Our friend and bartender, Del Pedro shows us how to make a classic toddy drink.

Classic Hot Toddy

Mixologist and restuaranteur, Nick Mautone gives us this recipe that starts with a recipe for banana butter which you can use on toast and muffins too.

Banana Buttered Rum

One of our own editors mixes up an oldie timey drink called a Tom & Jerry.  Despite the cartoon name, this one is not for kids!

Tom & Jerry

And if your kids want to join in on the fun, this Toffee Hot Chocolate recipe from Rachael Ray will hit the spot on a cold day!

Toffee Hot Chocolate

See more holiday drinks here (including cold ones!)

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