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Having a birthday party for your December child

My son’s birthday is in December and we had his fourth birthday party this past weekend. He was all over the map as far as his theme – initially he wanted a Superman party, then a gymnastics party, then he settled on – unfortunately – Sponge Bob. He is the youngest of three so while Elmo would have been my older daughter’s choice when she turned four, Sponge Bob it is for my youngest.

I made the best of it and minimized Sponge Bob while I maximized Christmas fun during the party. Here are some of the things we did for the party – all would work for a kids’ Christmas party as well:

  • My son invited 3 boys and 4 girls to the party, so with the birthday boy and his 2 older sisters so we had 10 kids altogether. When everyone arrived, I had the table set up with a Christmas tree craft I bought at the party store. Everyone got a foam tree that stood upright and stuck different ornament foam stickers and garland on it. This helped everyone to settle in and have something to do while all the guests arrived. I made sure to write the child’s name on their tree and immediately stuck them in their goodie bags so they wouldn’t get lost.
  • Next we had a scavenger hunt for gold coins. My daughters hid 150 coins so this luckily took a long time. Everyone got a little treasure chest with their name on it and collected their coins. When the kids were done I put a candy necklace around their neck so they were all winners.
  • Next we had my flop of the day – a team relay race. I won’t get into details because I learned that 3 and 4 year olds aren’t really ready for team sports. My son ended up shoving someone in line and his friend got upset. My older daughter who was a “captain” was crying because she had all the boys on her team and they weren’t paying attention. Things deteriorated from there. We ended up quickly deep sixing that game and blowing up about 20 balloons for the kids to hit to each other.
  • Next was freeze dance to Christmas music which was fun.
  • Next we played a family favorite – “pass the package.”  You buy a bunch of little trinkets and candy – I got stickers, tattoos, candy, super balls, etc. and one “big” gift – our big gift was a Go Fish card game. You start by wrapping the big gift, then you put one of your little things on top of the wrapped package and wrap it all in another layer. You continue with the layers of wrapping and little presents until you have a big present – about 10 – 15 items. Then you have all the kids sit in a circle and play music while passing the present from child to child, like the “Hot Potato” game. Then you cut the music and whoever has the present gets to open one layer and keep whatever is inside. Then you start the music again and continue to pass the package around. You can make this game go on for hours if you want. My kids love it.
  • Then we did the obligatory pinata.
  • Then we had some free play.
  • Then we came downstairs for “cake.” I actually had the kids decorate their own Christmas cookies, with frosting, sprinkles, M&Ms, etc. Then we sang birthday and had ice cream with our cookies.
  • When it was time to go, everyone got a goodie bag  – I bought everyone a Christmas stocking (the red fuzzy ones with the white top) – they are 99 cents at the party store – and wrote everyone’s name in glitter glue on the white part. Everyone got a holiday coloring book, crayons and a Santa sippy cup.

You might be asking – where did Sponge Bob come in? We had a Sponge Bob pinata, invitations,  and party hats and I bought some hilarious Sponge Bob happy birthday cling- on we stuck to a wall. It’s a Sponge Bob Christmas!

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