Has anyone watched the kids’ Christmas movies now as an adult???

The other day I bought an old classic, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” It’s one of those videos from the early 70’s where the little Davey and Goliath type animation characters are all walking around fake snow and it tells the story of Kris Kringle (voice of Mickey Rooney), you know, Santa before he was Santa. I hadn’t seen this movie since I was an itty bitty, although the Kris Kringle red hair and beard brought me right back to my childhood. Now watching this as an adult, I couldn’t help but think how very strange a movie it is! There’s this whole sequence where Mrs. Claus (before she marries Kris Kringle) sings to herself a thoughtful ballad about how she’s misunderstood and doesn’t mean to be so uptight. Meanwhile, there are psychedelic kaleidescope patterns going on behind her as she unclips her hair and lets it flow loosely. I felt like I was watching Hair with puppets. It’s even got her looking at her reflection in a pond, ala Sandy in Grease. She is an uptight school teacher who won’t let any kids have toys because the “government” wont allow it. She’s a conformist and Kris Kringle comes bopping along into town as a “rebel”, wearing his wacky red suit and black boots and giving out gifts. He’s of course imprisoned and then later escapes by riding off into the air on a reindeer with the now reformed and soon-to-be Mrs. Claus in tow. They go off to the North Pole in exile and build a home where they can build toys freely. Kris Kringle and the lady get married, grow old and he takes on the new title of Santa Claus. Once a year, he harnesses up his reindeer and rides around dropping off toys for good boys and girls…you know the rest. Eventually that mean old government “dies off” and new people come in and “have a laugh” at the way things were. But Santa, the Missus and the elves go on living in the North Pole making toys. This was all of course way too much for my 5-year old to understand and she was at a few points, actually frightened by the movie!  Who knew there was this whole dark side to Santa Claus’ life-I was happier just thinking of him as a jolly old fellow…

Is it just me?

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