There’s still time to send these gifts

As you may have guessed by my name, I’m not done with my Christmas shopping. Thankfully, we have the internet and I can still get away with some really cool gift ideas that will make people think I spent weeks cooking them up.

Speaking of cooking, (cooking supply website with over 90,000 products) has an email gift certificate option that you can pretty much order up until Christmas Eve. You place your order and choose the dollar amount you want to give and a nice looking email announcing the gift certificate, the amount and your message goes immediately to your recipient’s inbox. It looks just like a paper version of a gift certificate, but this way, not only can you order it at the last minute and it’ll still get there on time, but since the recipient will be opening it through their email, they can connect right then and there to’s website and actually use the gift certificate to order Rachael Ray products or whatever else they may want.

Along the same lines, you can always make a donation to charity, such as our very own Yum-o! by filling out this form “in honor of” someone and they get an email announcing that you have made a donation to the charity in their name. I think this is such a sweet idea because as a recipient, it even makes them feel charitable somehow!

For the Rachael Ray fan, you can give the gift of the Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine and they will send a nice personalized e-card to the recipient if you choose that option. The magazine itself will follow in the mail but they will get a sweet gift announcement right away.

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