Re-gifting-okay or not?

Ever receive a gift that you don’t want or can’t use? This holiday season, I received several. The question is-is it okay to re-gift these items to someone else who might want them? And if I do re-gift, do I tell the new giftee or run the risk of getting caught by pretending I labored endlessly to find them the perfect gift?

I thought I’d share my opnion as the “last minute lady” and throw it out to you guys to see what everyone else thinks.

Example #1: The business gift

A business colleague of mine sent me a huge gift basket filled with non-perishable items. While I do think thought went into the gift, it’s not as if the sender handmade each of the items so I doubt the giver would be offended to know I shared my gift. I actually love the contents of the gift basket, but there are simply too many things in there for me to use. So I decided in this case it would be okay to re-gift one or two things, but alas, I did tell my best friend what she was getting because I am too much of a whimp and worried about getting caught. Besides, she reads my blog.

Example #2: A gift from my hubbie

This is a toughie, because, well, it came from my significant other. Luckily, he doesn’t read my blog so I can confess here-he bought me a collection of lotions etc. that I simply will never use. If he did read my blog, he would know that I love Kiehl’s brand soaps etc, but instead he got me a basket from another place (to remain unnamed)that has: lotion, air spray, glittery oil and a candle. I keep the lotion at my desk and will use it on my hands and I love the candle. But shimmery oil? Air spray? Not me. But I will never in a million years tell him I don’t like it. He meant well. So the glitter just gets moved from kitchen counter to hallway to living room and back to kitchen. Hey, it’s something to do, kind of like playing hot potato.

Example #3: A gift from my cousin

My cousin and his wife give me the same gift every year-a bottle of perfume that for some reason they think I enjoy. Every year I give the bottle to a friend of mine. For all I know, she thanks me and turns around and gives it to someone else. But I have never told my cousin that I don’t wear the perfume and my friend has never told me if she wears it , so as far as I know, we are all living in the same blissful ignorance and no one cares.

My father-in-law was the king of re-gifting, to the point where he sort of forgot that it was even anything to feel slightly funny about. Not only did he re-gift things that people gave him and he didn’t want, he would pass on things that were slightly used! I will never forget when his step-daughter made a whole bunch of coffee mugs in her pottery class. She must have given him a case because soon after, I was the proud recipient of about 20 of these earthy mugs that I had absolutely no use for. I looked at him like he was crazy dumping these goods on me, but then I realized, he really did think he was giving me something nice. So maybe the act of giving itself is special enough. What do you think?

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