Easy healthy food substitutions for your kids (and you!)

2008 is fully underway and I have already dropped the ball on my two resolutions – the same two I make every year:

1) Walk the dog twice each day (I am barely hanging on for one walk – with 3 kids and various other pets – we are now housing 2 cats, 1 fish and 5 about-to-be hatched monarch butterflies (don’t ask) – he is the bottom of the totem pole unfortunately). 

2) Get a handle on my daily chocolate habit (I am like a junkie – I actually just wolfed down two handfuls of chocolate chips in desperation as there is no other dessert in the house in an attempt to kick the habit).  

One resolution I will keep is trying to improve my kids’ (and our family’s) diet.  I try my best to keep only healthy food in our house, but it is easy to slip. Slowly the kids’ favorite junk foods  – like tortilla chips and cheese popcorn – sneaks back into the regular rotation. Here is a chart with some basic substitutions to get your family on the right eating track. Do you have any ways you keep your family eating right and avoiding the drive thru?


Instead Of – Consider:

Higher- Fat Lunch Meats: such as bologna –  Lower-fat deli meats: such as turkey

White Bread – Whole-Grain breads (wheat, oat,multigrain)

Mayonnaise – Light Mayonnaise or mustard

Fried Chips and snacks – Baked snacks, air-popped popcorn, trail mix, veggies and dip

Fruit in syrup – Fresh fruit or fruit in natural juices

Cookies and snack cakes – Trail mix, yogurt, or homemade baked goods like oatmeal cookies or fruit muffins

Fruit drinks and soda – Milk, water, 100% fruit juice

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