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Bugs Bunny

Not that I want to promote a whole lot of TV watching, but we threw in some oldy timey Loony Tunes cartoons for the kids the other day and they absolutely loved them.  Adored them, to be exact, and I must say, I found them amusing as well.  It seems these cartoons are so much smarter than some of the ones today (although I do love Oswald), but of course they were created for adults to watch in the movie theaters before a feature so it makes sense.

Anyway, the indirect result of my kids watching Loony Tunes is that my picky eater 3-year old thinks Bugs Bunny is da bomb and now he eats carrots.  Raw carrots, peeled, but with the tail on them so he can walk around being Bugs Bunny and saying “What’s up, doc?”  He thinks it’s the funniest thing ever and he will eat like 3 a day as a result.  I guess now I’ll have to try to dig up some old Popeye videos so we can bring out the spinach!

Thaaaat’s all folks!

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