Cloth Napkins…not just for putting on airs

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that the most famous movie line about decorating is: “No Wire Hangers!” and while this is an ideally accurate, but somewhat restrictive point – especially if you just got back from the dry cleaner, or you’re talking about stuff way in the back of your closet that no one will ever see unless they are over the top snoopers – an even BETTER point to make these days is: “No Paper Napkins.” That’s what I would say if I were in a movie. “No Paper Napkins!” But maybe with a kind-of French accent, like … “Non, non, non! Non Napkin Papier!”

Why would I say this? Because it’s is a major component of the band wagon where I want you all hopping, that bio-diesel fuel running wedding limo carrying … the Marriage of Sustainability and Luxury. Nothing sets that special occasion tone at a dinner party like cloth napkins. Make every dinner a special occasion, and your kids begin practicing for those dreaded business lunches at an early age. It’s really no more work. Just train everyone in the family to use them (buy a cheap set for pizza in front of the TV), and remind them (forcefully, if necessary) that it is their responsibility to get their napkin in the wash. And whether you get these napkins from the finest Italian Linen specialist or the cheap and cheerful section at Target, you will be making a surprisingly far reaching green design choice. Imagine the trash space a years worth of your paper toweling takes – not to mention the cost. Add some festive hand and dish towels to you kitchen to take the idea even further, while giving a fresh breath of new patterns and color. Replace toilet paper with … every good idea has its limits.


Slice of Pizza Napkins – Red Deco

Napkins for the Kids- Fruits

Steak Au Poivre Napkins – Gold Ginko

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