Super Snacks: Nachos

We can’t think of a better snack to serve while watching the big game than nachos!  Here are a few recipes from Rach that’ll keep your crowd happy while they cheer on the team.

Chili Dog Nachos

This is the king of all nacho dishes.  This bad boy packs it all together in one plate-hot dogs and chili!  Loosen the belt!

Giant Chicken Taco Nachos

Try this healthier take on the nacho, using shredded chicken and baked tortillas instead of fried chips.  It’s a Yum-o! family friendly option and super delish!

Mega Turkey Nacho Dinner

This hearty nacho dish can act like a whole meal and is on the healthy side.  It’s got loads of veggies on top so dig in!

Greek Nacho Bowls

A  Greek take on the classic nacho!

Italian Nachos and Fish Stick Parm

Designed to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters!

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