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Does your kid like juice? I may be on to something…

I may have figured out a big idea for getting veggies into my kid’s body. He loves juice-all kinds, as long as it is fruit juice. I found that if you take carrot juice, and mix it with orange juice…voila! He’ll never know the diff, especially if it is hidden inside a sippy or straw cup. I am dying to see if I could do this with low salt V8 as well, but I have a feeling it will be too salty still. I’ll keep ya posted!

I also found these children’s vitamins that are gummy bears and really all they contain is concentrated fruits and veggies.  So the kids think they’re eating candies.  They’re called Yummi Bears and they are made by a company called Hero Nutritionals.  I got them at a health food store.  Here’s their website :www.yummibears.com.  Before you give your kid any vitamin, make sure to ask your pediatrician if it is right for your child.

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