Casseroles make a great game day meal-in one dish you can satisfy even the hungriest of fans.  Try these out for size:

Turkey Noodle Casserole

Sort of like a turkey goulash but different!  You can make with whole wheat pasta too.

Lasagne Casserole:Curly Pasta with Meat and Ricotta

Instead of taking the time to make lasagna, try this casserole that has the same idea!

Retro-Metro Fancy Tuna Casserole

Not your mom’s tuna noodle casserole, but close and just as delish!

Veggie Mac and Cheese Casserole

Even your picky eaters will eat their veggies when they are in this casserole.

Mac and Cheese Dog Casserole

Mac and cheese and dogs?  You bet!

Franks and Beans Casserole

Hot dogs and corn dogs all in one!

Rachael’s “Fixed-Up” Chicken & Vegetable Casserole

Tastes almost like a pot pie and oh so yummy!

Broccoli Breadzagna

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