Fun athletics you can do as an adult

So they say you are the age of your children, I guess because while you are helping your kids with their homework, you are learning things like fractions and grammar all over again (and sometimes for the first time). That would make me five years old, and while I am learning how to sound out words and make patterns, I am also happily learning a few other things all over again-these fall outside of the classroom, however.

I started running as my activity of choice when I was in my twenties and happily ran my way through 2 marathons. I found it to be the cheapest exercise and easiest to actually execute because I could do it any time, anywhere and on my own. However, 15 years later, my legs are starting to literally fall apart and I am realizing I can not run forever. Lucky for me, around this same time, my daughter is of the age where she is starting to join various teams and take lessons in all sorts of things, which has given me the opportunity to learn along side her.

We’re having a ball and I don’t know why I didn’t think of trying some of these activities earlier.You don’t have to run, bike or go to the boring old gym to get your exercise. Here are some activities you can do with or without your kids that will allow you to have a great workout-and alot of fun while you’re at it.
Ice skating-There are plenty of rinks that have public skating time and it usually costs a couple only of bucks per person if you bring your own skates, which I recommend doing. You can rent skates the first time or two to see if you like it, but if you think you will go skating more than a few times, you might want to spring for your own skates, because they make the world of difference when they are new and they actually fit. I have found it pretty easy to find used skates to buy through my local sporting goods store.

Ballet-Adult ballet is such a great way to stretch and practice your poise and grace.

Tennis-Many adults play tennis, but I had abandoned it until this past summer. If you can find a partner, there are public courts anywhere and everywhere and all you need is a racquet and a couple of balls to get going. You don’t have to serve like Kournikova to hit the ball back and forth over the net and practice your hand-eye coordination.

Soccer-I know this requires finding a team, but if you dig around a little, you might be able to find either a pick-up game where you just show up when you can, or a real team that needs members. If you get really into it, you can find your county’s league and start a team of your own. This takes a big commitment because you need around 15 people and someone, probably you, has to be the manager (collect the money etc). But if you are as into soccer as some (me), then it’s worth it to be on that field and feeling like a kid again.

Skiing-I’m not going to lie to you, skiing costs money. Between renting skis and boots to buying the lift tickets, it adds up. But if you have snow in your area, you have to try this sport. There is nothing like a long day of flying down the hills in powdery snow. Some people prefer snowboarding, but I haven’t tried it.

Horseback Riding –Many local parks offer horseback riding lessons or rides. My local park offers rides for $5. You don’t need any special equipment (they should have helmets for you), and this is a beautiful way to see your parks and local area. It’s also a great way to appreciate what it takes to care for an animal like a horse.

Bowling – If you can join a team or start your own, this is a fun way to get out for an evening and be a part of a group effort at winning something. But even if you can’t find a team, you can go bowling with just one other person and have some fun! Renting shoes and a lane is not too costly. Make sure you stretch so you don’t throw out your back!

Karate- No one I knew took Karate lessons when I was growing up, or at least no girls did (I know plenty did but I didn’t know them), but now Karate is all the rage with kids my daughter’s age. So I looked into it and they have all kinds of martial arts for adults. I haven’t tried this yet, but I am really interested in giving the Dojo a try.

Ballroom Dancing – You can learn the Samba, the Fox Trot or the Rhumba and show off at the next wedding you attend, but this requires a partner. If you don’t have one, ask the studio if there is another single person who can be your other half. Otherwise, there are other forms of dance, like tap and modern, that don’t require a partner but will still help you get your groove on.

The moral of this story is, you don’t have to always find yourself in front of the TV with your headphones on, running on a treadmill. Try one of the above activities and you’ll feel like a kid again!

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