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Milk…it may do a body good, but how much is too much?

My picky eater loves one thing for sure: milk.  He has always been a big milk drinker, and when all else fails and he won’t eat lunch or dinner, I have to make sure he has a glass of milk so he gets some protein and fills up.

However, one thing I learned is that this tactic of mine may be counterproductive to my fight to increase my 3 year old’s appetite for normal food.  Here are some tips I have learned regarding milk consumption from talking to various pediatricians and being a mom:

  • Limit the milk consumption to two glasses a day and no more.  This goes for soy milk too if you are not giving your kid cow’s milk.
  • Keep it low fat (1-2%) because whole milk will keep him/her fuller, longer.
  • Start the child’s meal with food and then give the milk later.  If the milk is served with the meal, your milk lover might down it first and then not be hungry for the rest of the foods.
  • Don’t give milk in between meals, like at snack-time, because they will still be full by meal-time.
  • Try giving your kid soy milk so they get a flavor for other drinks.  It has less sodium too.
  • Don’t give them chocolate or strawberry milk regularly-that should be considered a real treat and served once in a while. The sugar in those drinks is way too high, not to mention the other ingredients.

Obviously this advice is just based on my experience.  Ask your pediatrician about what is right for your child and if you have any other pointers, please share them with us desperate moms here!

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