What’s the difference between flat leaf and curly parsley?

This truly is a matter of personal preference for taste and texture.  You can interchange the two parsleys in anything that calls for parsley, but Rachael prefers to use flat leaf, also known as Italian parsley, most of the time.  Buy a bunch of each so you can see for yourself what the different tastes and textures are.  Flat is simply flat, the leaves are like the leaves at the end of celery stalks.  It’s easier to work with and has a stronger, but pleasant flavor.  Curly parsley has tougher leaves that are literally curly, and the flavor is milder and we think more bitter.  If you can only get curly parsley (which is more widely available) but you prefer flat leaf, use a bit less curly than required and chop it up finely so you don’t find yourself biting on a large piece, which may be too overpowering a flavor for you.  Dried parsley is no replacement for the fresh herb.

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