You’re not the boss of me!

We moms of picky eaters (MPEs) all know that there are various grades of picky eaters. The extreme picky eater, my son for example, will eat like 3 things and seems to run on fumes. The other end of the picky eater spectrum is the child who eats a pretty well rounded diet but will not touch certain things and definitely won’t let the foods touch each other. For those of you who have children at least willing to try foods on occasion, unlike my son, I recently witnessed something happen to another MPE’s child, who falls into this category.

A group of kids were over and playing and the MPE brought out carrots and celery sticks for the kids to snack on. Her son, normally averse to those foods, ate celery for the first time. It dawned on me that he did this because his friends were eating the celery and it gave him some level of comfort. Like, this isn’t just food for grown-ups and you won’t gag if you eat it. Also no one was around him telling him to eat it. There was no pressure. Just eat this and no one will even take notice.

It reaffirms what all those experienced MPEs keep telling us. Don’t worry about these picky eater kids. They grow and evolve at their own pace and want to try things on their own terms. It’s like one mom told me, when kids are little, about the only two things they have total control over is what goes in their mouths and what comes out of their bodies. If they want to show who’s bossing by refusing to eat something or wetting their pants, that may be their natural way of asserting themselves.

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