Should I use a garlic press or grate garlic?

Hi Rachael, I really enjoy your show and I have tried a few recipes and they actually work!! I have always used a garlic press, but my husband insists that I should be grating my garlic like Rachael Ray!!! (Thanks)!! What is the difference between pressing fresh garlic and grating fresh garlic?



Hi Cathy,

We say, whether you press your garlic or grate it, if the outcome is the same, then use whatever method you prefer. Grating garlic is especially effective if you are trying to get the garlic pieces so tiny that they melt into the dish you are cooking (this works well when you are trying to hide things like garlic and onion from your kids but you still want the flavor in there).

A garlic press will give you minced garlic. Some don’t like the presses because they are hard to clean. Others prefer the presses because you are left with less of a garlic smell on your fingers (if that bothers you).

If you have a dish where the garlic does not need to be so finely grated, then feel free to chop or even throw whole pieces in if you don’t mind eating hunks.

Here are some dishes where Rachael grates garlic and it melts into the dish as it is being cooked:

Grilled Fish Sammies with Garlic Tartar Sauce

Veggie Tomato Soup 

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