Another reason sugar is bad for the picky eater

We all know my 3-year old boy is a picky eater extraordinaire. But he is also sometimes a bit spoiled acting. I am starting to see that these things go hand in hand-maybe I am giving him so many food choices in my hopeless effort to get him to eat, that he is learning a different lesson-how to get mom to give me what I want.

I have also noticed something that may or may not be related. When he is tired or hungry, he gets reeeeaaaaaly cranky. Unbearably cranky. Especially when we are out in a restaurant trying to pretend that he’ll eat a meal just like everyone around us. He likes to choose this moment and others like it to wail at the top of his lungs. I can almost always look at the clock and see that we are sitting down an hour later than when he’s used to eating, but still, I am always surprised that he has such a meltdown.

I also notice, that if I give him a piece of candy while he is in this state, say when we’re on vacation and I need to keep him quiet so the manager doesn’t kick us out, it sometimes makes him worse than he was before. It’s like the sugar makes him even more unhappy and wild.

I haven’t really read thoroughly all of the studies that are out now on diet and behavior, but I am starting to wonder if a kid like this might be better off with no sugar in his diet.

Any one else notice this?

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