A Follow Up To My Kids Cooking Class on Whole Grains-How A Teacher Helped

If you’ve been following my posts on teaching nutritional classes at my kid’s school, then recall the first class taught to kindergarteners all about Whole Grains.

I was so pleased when I returned to teach the next class on Fruits, to see what the teacher had done.  She had each of the kids think about what we learned and bring in examples of whole grain foods that they like to eat.  When I showed up to teach the next class, there was a table filled with things like oatmeal, whole wheat bread, cereals that were high in fiber and whole grains.  It was a great idea (thank you Mrs Illustrato) as it got the kids to think and act on what we had discussed.  Additionally, the kids made two posters, one of good foods and one of junk foods to avoid.  They took magazine cut outs of whole grains and put them on the good foods board and then put cut outs of sugary drinks, candies and other foods to avoid on the junk food board.  I thought this was a really smart way to get the kids involved so they could actually take something away with them on what we had discussed.

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