Inside the Spice Drawer: Paprika

Okay, tell the truth, how many of you have a can of Hungarian Paprika in your cupboard that is a hundred years old and you really aren’t quite sure exactly what it is, but you know you sprinkle it on Deviled Eggs?  If you raised your hand, then you are not alone.  Read what our cooks have to say about the different paprikas in our Blog.

Paprika is a wonderful spice, made from dried peppers of all varieties, depending on where the spice is made.  In Hungary, the spice is made from dried sweet or mild red peppers, but in other countries, the peppers used can be on the hotter side.  Paprika, simply translates to “pepper” in made languages.   What’s even better is that paprika has a high vitamin C content, which makes sense when you consider its origin. 

Rachael Ray introduces us to many dishes using the different kinds of paprikas. 

Dishes using smoked or smoked sweet paprika:

Note!  Rach says, if you can’t find smoked sweet paprika, you can combine 1 part sweet paprika with 1 part cumin.

Smoked Paprika O Rings

Smoky Turkey Sheperd’s Pie

Devilish Sloppy Chicken Mini Sammies

Roasted Poblano Steak Chili

Hungarian Sliced Steak with Brown Butter Gnocchi

Dishes using sweet paprika:

Spicy Spanish Shrimp, Cheesy Orzo and Roasted Green Beans

Ground Meat Goulash with Macaroni

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