How far I’ve come – digital photo albums

Don’t you love when you find something that makes your life easier? I call these types of things life changers. On this list is my coffee maker with a timer, my lipstick that doesn’t come off (I put it on in the morning and it doesn’t come off all day – not kidding – I think it’s shellac but if I’m one step from pjs all day, at least I have some form of make up on), my standing mixer I got as an engagement present, and I am now in love with digital photo albums.

I have always been a little bit behind when it comes to technology. I owned a digital camera for a year before I took the time to learn how to use it. I was late on the cell phone phenomenon. I was even skeptical of email when I used it at my first job (couldn’t quite grasp how it worked). Once I embraced my digital camera, I learned to love it; however, there was one problem – we never had any actual prints anymore. I never printed the pictures out, they just lay dormant on my hard drive. This went on for a while and my kids would wonder why, when they had to bring in some photos of their family for school projects, there were no pictures of their brother (he was only of the digital camera era and therefore, didn’t exist in our photo collection) or current pictures of themselves.

Enter the digital photo albums. It is like a dream come true; you simply got to one of the photo websites (Shutterfly, Kodak, and Snapfish are three big ones), pick out the book you want to design, upload your photos, drag them onto the page in the order and format you want, pick out the cover and border, you can even do captions if you want, and you are done. They are extremely reasonable and take no time. While I am on the photo site, I always order a set of prints as well so I have them on hand.

I now use the albums mostly as gifts for the grandparents but my very organized friend takes it one step further and will create one or two photo albums each year of her family. That is definitely my goal as the last photo album I compiled was when my 7 year old daughter was an infant and I have 50 pictures of the first time she rolled over. I have since deteriorated to the point that I failed to capture many milestones of my younger daughter and we unfortunately missed my 4 year old son’s baptism, first day of school and birthday celebrations. But that will all change as soon as I get on this annual photo album track……..wish me luck. 

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