No bake birthday treats – chocolate covered pretzels

It is my younger daughter’s sixth birthday today. At her school, parents are invited to bring in treats to share with the class and teachers, and they have a mini celebration, complete with birthday crown, songs, and general adulation that is mildly uncomfortable for my daughter who would prefer to not be the center of attention (her mother’s daughter, for sure). The part of the school celebration that she loves is the treat part and that is where the pressure is on. The celebration takes place in the morning, so of course I would love to bring in a fresh fruit salad, maybe some homemade muffins…….but no. What do my kids want (and what would I want at that age?) but chocolate.

We made what I consider to be a pretty benign birthday treat that we all had fun making together and was enjoyed by all – white- and milk-chocolate covered pretzels. No baking, not a lot of mess, and easy.

Chocolate-covered pretzels

30 pretzels rods

1 12-oz bag white chocolate chips

1 12-oz bag milk chocolate chips


Start with the white chocolate and melt in microwave in microwave-safe bowl. Melt on high for one minute, take the chips out and stir them a bit, place back in microwave for 30 second increments until smooth and melted (be careful to not let the chips scorch). I then poured the chocolate into a drinking glass and dipped the rods in, swirling around, and let the excess chocolate drip off while leaving the pretzel end chocolate-free for easy handling. Place on wax paper and decorate with sprinkles. Follow same procedure for the milk chocolate and if you want to get fancy, you can drizzle the pretzels with the other chocolate and they look very professional. Store in fridge until set – I had so many I just put them in my basement overnight. Enjoy!

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