How do I keep my kids’ rooms clean?

There’s clean and then there is tidy.

In the tidy department, it’s really your kid’s job to step up and pick up, their toys, clothes and anything else that is cluttering their room. You can help them by making sure everything has a place. Make sure there is a toy chest or a desk for pens and papers, a bookshelf for books and enough hangers and hooks for clothes. If there is a place to put everything, then it is easier to make sure everything finds its way there, rather than in piles on the floor. Teach your kids how to fold and put away their own laundry as they will have to do this some day. My best friend’s mom used to dump her clean laundry on her bed so she had to fold it and put it away in order to go to sleep that night!

My number one tip for tidying a room is to MAKE THE BED!!! Teach your kids at an early age how to do this neatly and you will not be sorry. A made bed makes the entire room look 100% better. It’s like combing your hair in the morning, you have to do it or you look like a disheveled person.

As for actually cleaning the room, this takes a bit more elbow grease. Each child and each room requires a different level of cleaning. For instance, we have a houseful of people with allergies so we only have small, cotton rugs, as opposed to wall to wall or woolen rugs. This way, I can wash them regularly and they tend to grow much less dust. However, I also find that while vacuuming a room is useful, it also tends to stir up the dust and make it airborne before it has a chance to enter the vacuum. So in addition to vacuuming, you must do a pat or wipe of the floors if you have no rugs or a partial rug. Make sure your vacuum cleaner bags are changed regularly-the vacuum works 100% better with clean bags.

I also recommend changing the sheets and dusting all surfaces, including ceiling fans or light fixtures once a week and wash the curtains and pillows every 6 months or as needed.  When it is not bitter cold out, it is a good idea to crack the windows every day for a few hours in the winter months so you can get some fresh air in there too.

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