Banana Muffins-a hit!

My son does not like bananas.  In fact, I think the only fruit he likes nowadays is the almighty apple.  At one point he loved orange slices too, but now we’re down to just apples (oh and the other day he inhaled an Asian Pear but at $2 a pop, he ain’t getting another one of those).

Nevertheless, I eyed a bunch of bananas on my counter that were starting to brown ever so slightly and I thought about making banana bread. But the last few times I made it, no one seemed to eat it but me and before I knew it the entire loaf was gone and in my belly.  This time, I decided to make banana muffins and to use the mini muffin tin so my kids, especially my picky eater, might actually eat one.

So I grabbed my picky eater 3-year old and invited him to bake with me.  He excitedly agreed and we found this recipe from  We laid out all of the ingredients and I gave him a bowl with the bananas and a masher.  He went to town mashing away while I melted the butter.  He put the muffin tin liners in their little cups and measured out the dry ingredients.  I preheated the oven and cracked the eggs.  He whisked the ingredients together and I poured them into the paper cups.  Side note-I used 100% whole wheat flour, pure cane sugar and decided to skip the crumbled topping.

Did my picky 3-year old taste one of the muffins?  He ate five.  Yeah!  (Other moms of picky eaters will understand my joy).

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