More About Austin, the “Bat Capital”

As I headed out of my hotel this morning for an early jog, I was thrilled to find that there is this beautiful running path that runs all along Lake Austin. As I crossed over the bridge from 1st street to head down to the path on the other side of the lake, imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Apparently, if you go to this bridge at dusk, there are tons of bats flying around. I didn’t see any doing any day time hanging around, but I am intrigued enough to try to go back. I guess this would be like whale watching somewhere else, as you can take a river boat tour and see the bats from that angle. Signs are posted that caution you-don’t touch the bats if you find one resting on the ground. Don’t worry, I won’t!

As I continued down the path, I ran into this statue of the late and great Stevie Ray Vaughn:

A fine tribute to one of the world’s greatest musicians who left us way too early in his life due to a plane crash many years ago.

I headed back to my hotel and found that even at an early hour, the music scene had already begun. Here was a street band that found a corner and started playing for fun:

What a city!

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