A Quick Snack for the Dieter

I accidentally created what I think is a pretty good snack for those on a low-carb diet.  It can get so frustrating when you have days and days of no sweets and the same textures over and over again.  I happen to be trying a diet myself this week but I am ready to throw in the towel after two days.  I am not hungry, but I am not satisfied!   I don’t think I can handle this one much longer!  Afterall, how could I work around Rachael Ray’s recipes all the time and not want to eat every one of them!

However, today I decided to make a milkshake since I love smoothies.  I refuse to use artificial sweeteners  so my additions to the milk are limited.  I decided to try throwing in the blender: milk, ice and almond extract.  It turned out to be quite delicious!  I imagine you could try vanilla or orange extract too and get an equally tasty treat.  Had to share that one!

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