Lengthen the life of your sponges

I really can’t stand it when my kitchen sponges start to smell and I used to just throw them away at that point and open a new one.  However, someone tipped me off to a trick to keep sponges germ-free and I discovered another one on my own by accident.

  • Put your sponge in the top rack of the dishwasher and believe it or not, let it run with the dishes.  I tried this yesterday and it works!  If you are nervous about the heat for some reason, take it out during the dry cycle
  •  Put your sponge in the microwave for 30 seconds.   I can’t imagine this works as well as the first option, but some folks swear by it!

Either way, these ideas will work for sponges, not metal scouring pads.  Additionally, make sure you squeeze your sponges out well after each use and store them on a sponge rack.  Don’t leave them in the sink in a pool of water-bacteria loves that kind of environment and we clean people do not!

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