Yum-o! and figure friendly dish

So we all know I am the Last Minute Lady on a diet which in itself is a contradiction.  If you have ever tried a diet, you know how much meal planning you need to do.  However, I have discovered that many of Rachael Ray’s recipes are great for those trying to shed a few.  So you can still make dinner in a jiffy and have the taste you love from Rach.  Tonight I made the Winter White Chicken Stew,but I left out the potatoes, actually only because I was out of them.  I added quartered button mushrooms (it’s a stew afterall) and pretty much followed the rest of the recipe as it is.  Let me tell you, this was a delicious, satisfying and filling meal.  My husband, not on a diet, also enjoyed it and mopped it up with a big piece of bread.  The key to this dish is the lemon juice and zest at the end.  It really livens it up.

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