Recipes for Leftover Ham

If you were lucky enough to serve ham this Easter and actually have leftovers, you could go for the good old ham sandwich, or you could try these zesty recipes from Rachael Ray. 

Note-most of these recipes call for either sliced deli ham or ham steaks-you can substitute with slices of your leftover ham.

Breakfast dishes with ham:

Green Eggs and Ham with Ital-Tots and Cheesy Garlic Toast

Breakfast Hawaiian Pizza with Ham, Eggs, Pineapple and Cheese

A Yum-o! Family Friendly dish! the kids can help make on their day off.

Ham and Spinach Hash with a Fried Egg

Lunch dishes with ham:

The Ultimate Ham and Cheese Sandwich

You’ll be the envy of the office.

Stuffed Potatoes with Ham, Thyme and Gruyère Cheese

Move over potato skins!

Clam Chowda Mug o’ Soup with Deviled Ham and Cheese Melt Mug Toppers

Croque Monsieur

Dinner dishes using leftover ham:

Basic Ham Steaks

Serve with Peas and Carrot Spring Salad, Egg Pasta Frittata and Coco-Nut Caramel Chews

Black Bean Stoup with Southwestern Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Cubano Mac & Cheese

Sweet ‘n Spicy Redeye Ham Steaks with Cheese Grits and Seared Chard

This recipe is pictured above

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