Quick Dinner Rolls

I dug up this recipe for Sour Cream Posy Rolls from my old Fleishmann’s Yeast cookbook. This cookbook must be 20 years old-it isn’t even a book, it’s more like a booklet, but I turn to it again and again for quick bread recipes.

Today I tried the dinner rolls and they were really fun because, as an experienced baker, never had I seen a roll or bread rise so little, except when making pizza or some other kind of flatbread.

In this case, you mix the ingredients, shape into balls and put on a cooking tray. You place the tray over a pan of boiling water and let rise, covered, only 20 minutes. The heat from the pan allows the yeast to act quicker. I suppose you could use another trick I sometimes use when trying to get breads to rise quicker-I preheat my oven to 300 degrees F and then shut it off. I put my dough in there, covered, and allow it to rise in the oven, which is slightly cracked open.

Once the rolls have risen, you make 4-6 snips in the sides with a pair of scissors. It allows the rolls to look like little flowers. You then brush the rolls with an egg wash and sprinkle them with sesame or poppy seeds.

The rolls came out looking beautiful, and there’s nothing like serving warm bread with dinner. My kids and I made these rolls INSIDE OF A HALF HOUR!!!

I will warn you, they aren’t airy rolls-they are dense and while they taste good and are comforting, I wouldn’t make these your show stopper rolls. But a good one to have in your bag of tricks!

Sour Cream Posy Rolls

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