T-Ball…It’s good to be a kid

Tonight was my 5-year old daughter’s first T-Ball practice. Being the Last Minute Lady, I signed her up….today. I actually had no idea she could play when the flyer came through our mail. When I saw that Little League header, I assumed that this was something for boys only. I am pretty sure that when I was growing up the girls didn’t play on Little League teams. Luckily, one day a parent corrected me and told me that most of the kids in my child’s class were playing on one team or another in the league. So I hurried to sign her up and than goodness I did!

When we arrived at the designated field, I barely had the car door open before my daughter pushed me aside and ran onto the field to join her new team, leaving me in the dust, literally. She was so excited to see her friends and some new faces and to be doing this all at night (well, it was 6:30pm), away from school-how cool?

After practice, she ran to the other teams who were in various corners of the huge multi-field playing area and said her hellos and high fives.

All I could think was-This is sheer happiness. This is what it means to be a kid. To run freely through a field and see your friends. To smile and laugh in the early evening Spring air. I want to remember this moment forever.

Yes, indeed, it’s good to be a kid. It’s pretty cool being the parent too!

I want to give a shout out to one of the moms of a player on our team for bringing an awesomely healthy snack for the kids.  Trish brought sliced apples for the kids and bottled water.  It was such a nice change from the garbage I am used to seeing at these games and the kids loved them.  Thank you Trish!!!

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