My friend is allergic to garlic…

Q.What can I use as a garlic substitute?

A. Garlic is not something that can easily be substituted and depending on the dish, you may be able to get away with just onions or shallots or omitting the garlic altogether.

Garlic powder is definitely not a substitute.  Unfortunately, if you have someone who is allergic to garlic or doesn’t like it, you should probably just omit it.

If you like garlic but don’t like it to be too powerful, you can parboil it to take away some of the intensity.  Then when you do add it to your dish, make sure it gets thoroughly cooked.  Raw garlic is very strong and while some love it, in dishes like bruschetta or in Caesar Salad dressing, others feel it is too much and it can cause a bit of gassiness or indigestion.

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