Going Green – or trying………

It seems like everywhere I look these days – newspaper, TV, the store – “going green” is in, hip, trendy. No longer for the minority who favor birkenstocks, patchouli perfume, and vegan diets, being environmentally conscious is mainstream. The school parking lot is full of hybrid SUVs (kind of a disconnect in my book, but I like the looks of them – and much better looking then my oh-so-not-green burgundy mini-van). Target has aisles of products that are environmentally friendly (and expensive, but they do smell good). Who knew that going green would actually cost more (yes, I realize in the short term only, long term impact is the goal)?

As I look around my house, I am guilt ridden as my family has definitely not gone green enough. No compost bin in the yard (I live in the city and am afraid of rats). No hemp clothing. Not even exclusively organic food (as much as I can afford – I always do organic dairy and produce depends on budget. But organic cookies? Not necessary). I used disposable diapers, I haven’t bought the fluorescent light bulbs everyone is talking about (it’s on my list), and as I mentioned, I drive a mini-van – perhaps the biggest (and ugliest) one on the market.

I decided to make a list of what my family does do to be environmentally conscious:

-Recycle newspapers, plastic and glass bottles and cans (and I actually read the guidelines in the past year and realized that large mouthed plastic containers (ie, big yogurt) are not recyclable – who knew? You should check out your guidelines sometime).

-Use old stationery, memos, etc. for my kids to use as drawing paper

-Buy locally when possible – I try to hit up the famer’s market each week when in season and buy local produce at my grocery store. Also organic dairy always and produce when it’s in my budget.

-Turn off lights, appliances, electronics, etc., when I leave the room (try to tell my husband this…)

I hope to add to this list in the near future – first on the list? The fluorescent bulbs.

How does your family “go green?”

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