“Green” Products to buy

In our research of all things “green” I have come across a few cool products that you can buy on the web. Here they are:

Dr. Greene, one of our favorite pediatricians, has written a new book called Raising Baby Green and it is all about how you can raise your children with an environmentally friendly mindset. Everything from eco and baby friendly products to buy (ie household cleaners) to baby-proofing your garden tips.

We did an article on reusable bags and how both plastic and paper grocery bags are ruining the environment, but afterwards we found this stylish “eco-tote” from Ananas. It’s great for food shopping or to carry files and folders. We like it because it has a nice, long handle that you can sling over your shoulder. Some totes make their handles too short!

Alot of people write to us wondering what household products are environmentally friendly and also safe to use around pets and kids. National Geographic did a whole Green Guide which features several suggested products for cleaning. Here’s the special on cleaning bathrooms.

And if you are really interested in the environment and happen to live near New York City, this weekend is the first ever Go Green Expo.event that will showcase all kinds of “green” products and solutions.

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