How do I get highlighter out of my scrub tops for work?

I am obviously getting this question from a nurse or a doctor and I must say this is a difficult one.  A highlighter is almost as bad as a permanent marker so unfortunately, if you don’t wash it out right away, it might not come out at all.  Wash right away after you mark your shirt and see if you can get it out before it has a chance to set.  Use soap and water-any kind.  Cotton loves to take in that dye, unfortunately.

If you can stick to the darker scrubs, you won’t have as much to worry about, or if your scrubs get too marked up, you can always dye them in your bathtub a darker color.  I always take my blue jeans or my black clothes and throw them in the bathtub once in a while with their matching dye color to give them a color boost and even out all of the effects of multiple washes and wears.

Hope that helps!

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