Mother’s Day Dilemma

Mother’s Day is coming up and for mothers of young kids, no one, in my opinion, deserves this day more. When you are in the throes of motherhood – no matter what the stage – diapers and night feedings, potty training and tantrums, or sibling rivalry and endless hours in the car – Mother’s Day is an important day of recognition. My husband is a champ and traditionally takes on all child-related duties for the day (and usually cracks by dinner and collapses into bed by 8pm) and we do something together as a family.

The issue I have run into, however, since starting our own family eight years ago, is how to incorporate our own mothers into Mother’s Day. I have had some years where I go over to my mother’s at lunch time and we have dinner with my husband’s mother. We have had our families over here for dinner, with fathers in charge of the lions share of the meal. How do you balance your Mother’s Day celebration? Hide out at home with your family? Post-church brunch with the extended family? Sunday dinner at your in-laws? Solo spa day (dream come true….:-))?

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